About Keith Brown

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As the story goes, two men are walking down the street and see another man approaching. One turns to the other and says, “Do you see that man coming our way? I don’t like him.” “How can you say that? You don’t even know him!” “That’s the point,” says the first man. “If I knew him, I would probably like him.”

I’m guessing I would like you also, if I got to know you. Chances are, though, we will never meet. So let’s try our best to make this a dialog, and see if some sort of online virtual friendship is possible. You read my posts and leave comments, I will do my best to respond, and perhaps we can help one another grow in understanding God’s purposes and His work in our lives. I very much look forward to your participation!

If this “About” section were a bit more autobiographical in the traditional sense, it might mention my travels and adventures, interesting jobs and shifting careers, joy and tragedy in family life, and include some of the many interesting people I have been privileged to know, but my deeper story is of a life made new.

I have spent well over 40 years as a follower of Jesus. I don’t have much in the way of credentials, but then, I am in good company. It was pretty much ragamuffins and unschooled fishermen who turned the world upside-down 2000 years ago by simply telling the story of this Man they knew well, the wisest, kindest and purest of all men, who had to be tortured and executed as an unthinkable requirement of a mysterious plan to open the door between creation and the Creator. God raised Jesus from death back to life, thereby proving Him to be the very Son of God. His promise is that every willing person may pass through that open door to God the Father, into a life that does not end with the grave. A very strange story of undeserved favor, and very Good News!

I am persuaded that those who walked with Jesus were right about Who He was and is: God Himself, perfectly represented in human form, revealing His heart to clueless human beings.

I am further persuaded that placing my trust in Jesus and beginning my walk with Him at age 18 rescued me from a wasted life. My attempts at finding meaning and purpose only drove me into deeper confusion, loneliness and despair. Had He not changed my heart and mind, it is no exaggeration to say I would either be institutionalized or in prison or dead. My deepest desire is that you also, as I did, as millions have, would respond to the message of the Good News of the love of God. Accepting the invitation of Jesus to embrace that love mystically transforms your life day to day and places you firmly in His family, at peace with God, regardless of your circumstances, regardless of your past.

It is my hope that, in coming months and years, whatever articles I may write will bring encouragement and strengthen faith in those who read them. Please let me know if that turns out to include you!