Getting started

To get the most out of this site, and to gain an understanding of the reason behind its name, you may wish to start by reading the first post, Unbroken peace and freedom from fear, then just click on Blog to read any others of interest. On the Blog page, you will find categories and keywords to assist in refining your search.

Also, be aware that the blog posts follow a simple pattern to allow for both undistracted reading and ease of access to source material. While you may encounter direct quotes or allusions to the Scriptures in the body of a post, you will not see chapter-and-verse references or footnotes. At the end of most posts, you will find a break, followed by full quotations of related Scripture passages, including any that may have been directly or indirectly referenced. This way, the flow is not interrupted, and you are able to read the referenced passages in full, if you choose, without the need to look them up yourself.

In addition to Scripture passages, you may find other source material included, such as the Serenity Prayer referenced in the post What if this is as good as it gets? There may be links to items of interest on the internet as well.

Oh, and by the way… While this site works pretty well on phones, you won’t get the full effect of the home page, with its video of a waterfall cascading through the woods, unless you take a look with a computer. I believe you will find that it is worth the effort.

If you have any suggestions for further improvement, please go the the Contact page and send a note!